Goodbye to Another October

sitting around

not being noticed

I felt compelled to spend some time

with the drowsy river

make tea and carve the measurement of time

only several cigarettes can afford

to spend alone with it

listen to it’s groaning

about it’s health and that it’s

barely scraping a living from its banks

but yet still it flows

wanted to say goodbye to another  October

which has its own obsessive issues bouncing its leg

and wanting to repeat and repeat

at a more frequent pace.

Last Tramp For Tea

When the cold cuts a bleed from the skin there’s no liquor better than the crunch of snow under snowshoe. Bundled and wrapped, the faint flirt of sun fondling eyelids and the hoof of late winter stomping plumes from your throat. Nothing seems more fitting than a cup of tea under its thawing thumb. Cutting trail, shoveling camp, carving kitchen from snow above the silence of ice edging into river and the creak of tree leaning into the swing of a warm hammock.